Friday, September 16, 2011


I say Who, What, and Where!

Katherine: … Tess, you know, you don’t get anywhere in this world by waiting for what you want to come to you. You make it happen…
—Working girl, 1988, Mike Nichols.

LET ME TELL YA, dead writers1 make lots of shekels.

On the downside, they can’t enjoy the royalties, though it always comes out of nowhere an idle nephew that Lady Fortune has visited, who, after the sad event, will spend the rest of his blessed life in Honolulu sunbathing, next to the most beautiful woman possible (or a bunch of them), and toasting caipirinhas to his brilliant and prolific dead uncle: Oh yeahhh, life is good!

Neither has Lady Fortune visited me (She did several times for the truly necessary), nor I am under the Earth (I think I’ll be on the Earth for a while), so I’ve decided to sell my books through this wonderful engine, called Internet, and this amazing platform, called Amazon. Hey, I wanna go to Honolulu, too.

Let me feel sorry for those writers who committed suicide before this wonderful engine came out. Game over, folks! Likewise, I got to wondering how many masterpieces have been lost on some dark drawers. Fortunately, the Internet is cutting off all the restrictions, even those who come from some conservative lobbies. Perhaps the Internet is the invisible hand2 that Adam Smith talked about in “The Wealth of Nations.” If you want to sell a product, you go to the free-market and sell it. Period.

Who I am? What am I doing? Where am I going? These are simple but not less deep questions which pop up in our mind sooner or later along the journey of our life. Perhaps it would be far more mouthwatering to make up that I traveled to a mystical retreat and, as a result, I wrote this inspirational book. Yet, for better or worse, I owe myself to the Truth. It all began in Miami Beach. I must confess, though, this book came out as a result of a long, very long inner journey. When those questions pop up, we can ignore them, of course. Yet, I learned that solely by having the nerve to seek an answer, we will be able to create the compass and charts that will serve us to helm our true course.

I say Who, What, and Where! is a fresh, witty, and inspirational novel about the courage to be yourself freely, in spite of inner and outer conditionings. This funny and sometimes emotional story, as well as satirical portrait, allows us to reflect on the challenges of changing a career over a lifetime and starting an art, and to establish the hierarchy of values such as freedom, happiness, love, and success, being aware of the traps we can fall into in the pursuit of them. And ultimately it encourages us to be in charge of our own life, the sooner the better.

So if you have a Kindle, Ipad, Iphone, Ipod Touch, Blackberry, PC, Mac, Android-based devices, or Cloud reader3, you can get a copy of I say Who, What, and Where! now at Amazon, U.S. Kindle Store—also available in U.K. Kindle Store and DE Kindle Store! Hope you enjoy the book, and don’t forget to tell me what you think about!

My Dear Readers, I have a hunch that this is going to be fun!  

1Death is a powerful variable which activates the exponential growth law. For a good example, watch the movie “ World’s Greatest Dad,” directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, 2009.
2Metaphor coined by the father of capitalism, the economist Adam Smith, as an invisible power that guides the free-market by the conjunction of self-interest, competition, and supply and demand.
3If you don’t have any of those, leave me your address and I'll send you a copy.

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