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TED RIKER: “For teaching, for inspiring, you really have to open your soul to the students, you have to water each one of them as if they were the last plant of the garden.”
                       —The last time, 2006, Michael Caleo.

WHEN I was in high school, one day some classmates and I were laughing at something that I can’t recall right now. Suddenly, our pseudo-teacher said to me, “You are not allowed to laugh; you don’t have a nice smile.” All my classmates went in silence. Everybody knew something was wrong.

As a result of that:

1)     I could have stopped laughing.
2)     I could have hated Mathematics—since he was a Math pseudo-teacher.
3)     I could have dropped school.
4)     I could have got into drugs.
5)     I could have become like the pseudo-teacher, a criminal.1

Five minutes later, right after hearing the bell, I grabbed my books and I ran away. Tears, that I had held, were running on my face. He chased after me calling my last name. I turned around and he said, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean it. My apologies.”

It doesn’t surprise me to see long-faces walking on the streets. Does laughter bother more than tears?

What the pseudo-teacher did to me was a criminal act. If it were now, I would sue him until I got him in prison. No kidding. True criminals are out of prison.

When you are young, you think that you should learn from teachers, that they are always right. You admire them. Yet what you can’t imagine is that most likely the pseudo-teacher is a psychopath, a mediocre, a criminal who’s parroting something already found in books. How the hell you go home and tell your Mom you have a psychopath as a teacher? So you have to swallow all that trash. One day after another. And you know what happens when the credit side is full of it, right?

I’m very skeptical about the education system. And if that fails, everything falls apart. I’m not a mother, nor a teacher, but I consider one should work really hard on oneself in order to become a beacon of light. Only then, you will be ready for:

1.-Helping them to discover their POTENTIAL. Never tell them to follow your path. Never tell them they are like you. NO, NO, NO, AND NO.


3.-Allowing them to be CREATIVE, to reason, to question, to search, to discover.

4.-Opening the curtain of THE WORLD. They have to see wealth, they have to see poverty. They have to see love, they have to see hate. They have to see light, they have to see darkness.

5.-Allowing them to ENJOY life, PLAY, and LAUGH AS HARD AND LONG AS THEY WISH.

Teachers have a great responsibility on children’s education. Some criminals are hidden under the mask of teachers to command and manipulate defenseless children. It’s extremely necessary to unmask them, and replace them for quality teachers.

Putting aside your own fears.

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