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There are some tiring sayings and topics about blondes:
Blondes are dumb.
Blondes have no brains.
Gentlemen prefer blondes, but marry brunettes.
Blah, blah, blah…

Perhaps Marilyn Monroe was the sex symbol par excellence, and just for that, I believe she was easily judged. ‘Fragments’ shows a sensitive and thoughtful woman who behind doors was keen on literature, and conveyed her own world writing poems, intimates notes and letters.

Here a sneak peek:

Only parts of us will ever
Touch only parts of others
One’s own truth is just that really—one’s own truth.
We can only share the part that is understood by within
Another’s knowing acceptable to
The other—therefore so one
Is for most part alone.
As it meant to be in
Evidently in nature—at best though perhaps it could make
Our understanding seek
Another’s lonelynes out.”

Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters, by Marilyn Monroe. 

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