Monday, September 17, 2012

86 ~on celebrations


Well, my Dedicated Readers, it looks like we’ve got plenty to celebrate this month. Yesterday, we had the first blogiversary. And on September 24th, I celebrate my 38th birthday!

Young, Old,

 Let’s celebrate it!

So for this unfrequent but desired event, I’ll open an International Giveaway of 3 kindle e-copies of your choice. The winner can pick either ‘I say Who, What, and Where!’ or ‘Deconstructing INFATUATION’1 Check them out by clicking the book covers on the left side.

Are you in?!

Stop by my blog, The Pythagorean Storyteller, on Sept. 24—it will also run on Sept. 25 to cover all time zones—enter your name, your book choice and your e-mail to win a kindle e-copy! The winners will randomly be picked by a software that runs giveaways.

Good Luck, my Dear Readers!

1 If you are under 18, your choice must be ‘I say Who, What, and Where!’

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