Tuesday, September 18, 2012

87 ~on artists


1.    AMATEUR ARTISTS WAIT FOR INSPIRATION. While a professional artist will make a point sit down and work on their art every day, an amateur only works on their art when the mood is right.

2.    AMATEUR ARTISTS WORK UNTIL SOMETHING ELSE COMES UP. A professional artist/writer/musician continues to work until their muse has used up every last bit of creative energy in their body and then keeps on working just to make sure that nothing is forgotten or left behind.

3.    AMATEUR ARTISTS ARE CONSTANTLY CHANGING THEIR FOCUS. A professional artist knows that it takes years if not decades of experimentation and practice to perfect their craft.

4.    AMATEUR ARTISTS BELIEVE THAT IF THEY BUILD IT, YOU WILL COME.  A professional knows that there is more to being an artist than simply creating art. They also have to know how to market and sell their work as well.

5.    AMATEUR ARTISTS BELIEVE THAT SUCCESS WILL HAPPEN QUICKLY. A professional artist knows that this process will often take much longer than they imagine.

6.    AMATEUR ARTISTS BELIEVE THEY DON’T NEED SCHEDULES OR ORGANIZATION. The professional artist knows that one has to be organized and disciplined in their life in order to be reckless in their work.

7.    AMATEUR ARTISTS NEVER FINISH THEIR WORK. Professionals artists have learned that their art is a process and nothing they create will be perfect.

8. AMATEUR ARTISTS ARE TOO BUSY LEARNING TO DO ANYTHING. Professional artists know that there will always be more to learn but that does not stop them from making the mistakes and learning as they go along.

9.   AMATEUR ARTISTS ISOLATE THEMSELVES FROM THE ARTIST COMMUNITY. As artists, writers, musicians, etc. we must surround ourselves not only with the work of other artists in our field but also the artist themselves.

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